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An underwater mystery on Canada's coast
Dislike button would improve Spotify's recommendations
AnalogueOS, the “Library of Alexandria of video games.”
The unsolved mystery of the Earth blobs (2019)
The Fugate family of Kentucky has had blue skin for centuries (2017)
Amazon Corretto JDK
What Richard Feynman’s PhD Thesis Looks Like: A Video Introduction (2020)
Pursue High-Quality Leisure
What the Irish Ate Before Potatoes
Roguelike Celebration 2021
Simon Roper: the 23-year-old reconstructing the past for millions of viewers
Git Command Explorer
Implementing Hash Tables in C
Hubble finds evidence of persistent water vapor in one hemisphere of Europa
How I learned to program
Generally Intelligent Is Hiring Machine Learning Research Engineers (Remote, SF)
Circle: C++ Automation Language
A New Bootable USB Solution
VirtualMEC – a free 3D CAD for MECCANO
Bisqwit: YouTube Deletes Your Comment
Hacking around on the telephone, the internet before the internet
Genode – Sculpt Operating System 21.10
New wave of strikes will test worker power
Italy reveals its new national airline
Show HN: Think Like a Bot – Guess labels applied by AI to random images
Privacy activists oppose EU plans for a GDPR-compliant Whois v2
Show HN: Stormah, cloud notes stored in your own Git repo
Growth by proximity – Moretti on the effect of high-tech hubs on innovation
Two Arms and a Head (2008)

The Hindu

Congress announces organisational poll
Rain havoc leaves 8 dead in Kerala; Army called in
Singhu murder: 1 more arrested, 2 ‘surrender’
Ajay Kumar Mishra | Father, son and a protest
Explained | What is the extent of India’s coal crisis?
China tested ‘nuclear capable hypersonic missile’ in August, says report
‘Global Hunger Index not based on an opinion poll’
New Delhi to host NSAs on Afghanistan issue
Between Wickets | Virat Kohli needs to take some of the blame, but not all of it
Allegedly | My official statement
Watch | Why Delhi roads get flooded
Watch | India on the brink of a power crisis due to coal shortage
Worldview with Suhasini Haidar | Have India-China talks at the LAC hit an impasse?
Watch | Shashi Tharoor on the targeting of Bollywood
In Pictures: Dasara celebrations across the country
Watch | Kallakurichi wood carvings get GI tag
How to support teenagers during the board exams
Mudrooms for the monsoon
FDCI x LFW: Are we hugging yet?
Lakshmi Rana and 10 minutes of joy
This SUV from Tata comes with a ‘Punch’
The blue revolution: Seaweed is the crop of the future
Not just a game: What has made ‘Squid Game’ so popular?
Audible’s streaming shift
‘Foundation’ season one review: A mesmeric and contemplative take on Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi world
Behind Niklas Elmehed’s gold portraits of Nobel Prize winners
Explained | First-ever malaria vaccine, the Tatas’ Air India buy, and India’s coal crisis
The Hindu Profiles | On Border Security Force, Najib Mikati and Ajay Kumar Mishra
Nobel Prizes 2021
NCRB report: A status check on crimes in the country
China tested ‘nuclear capable hypersonic missile’ in August, says report
Need to shift focus to demand management, says water policy panel chief Mihir Shah
Homen Borgohain — the workhorse of the Assamese literary scene
A précis on Dr. S. Krishnaswamy, the quintessential Indian documentary filmmaker
Mukteshwar in an ecological flux
Trailing the leopard cat
IPL 2021 | Chennai Super Kings’ redemption and the new heroes
HDFC Bank Q2 consolidated profit rises 18% to ₹9,096 cr
‘Virus less likely to develop resistance to molnupiravir’
Big Tech to face another bipartisan U.S. antitrust bill
Centre's affidavit in Supreme Court on Caste Census
Address to the nation by President Ram Nath Kovind on the eve of 75th Independence Day
TN GO on petrol price cut


Best of 2020 - Results and Celebration Thread!
/r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | October 11, 2021
Why an African perspective on humanity shows that survivor's guilt makes sense
The strictest moral codes can often lead to the most atrocious outcomes.
Ashoka's moral empire | Being good is hard. How an ancient Indian emperor, horrified by the cruelty of war, created an infrastructure of goodness
In the Limelight: Ethics for Journalists as Public Figures
Happiness is an essentially nihilistic ideal — it is the best goal to follow when there is nothing else on the table. A meaningful life on the other hand can embrace more of life including challenges and suffering because it is oriented towards a higher ideal
Simulation theory is a useless, perhaps even dangerous, thought experiment that makes no contact with empirical investigation. | Anil Seth, Sabine Hossenfelder, Massimo Pigliucci, Anders Sandberg
A critique of Pure Objectivity
Thomas Aquinas, the greatest philosopher of the Medieval era, abandoned his masterpiece the Summa Theologica after a shattering ecstatic experience: “I can do no more; such things have been revealed to me that all that I have written seems to me as so much straw.”
Don’t Stand With Me: how not to support social movements
The ethics of moral mediocrity
When Boredom Becomes Stagnation: The Importance of Occupying the Mind | Philosophy can provide prisoners with the sense of growth essential to being human
Ideals and Dirty Hands | podcast on moralism in politics
Kicking table legs and other expressions of emotion
Conceptions of Set and the Foundations of Mathematics
Art and Belief
To be creative, Chinese philosophy teaches us to abandon 'originality'
A Keyhole View into Classical Chinese Thought: Kung Fu and Philosophy as a Way of Life
The inward gaze: in Hermann Hesse’s novels, as in his life, self-discovery walked a tightrope between deep insights and profound solipsism
In order to understand how agency is compatible with a causally connected natural world, we must understand how agents can stand outside of nature.
Philosophy Online (r/PhilosophyEvents), a new subreddit for sharing and discovering free online philosophy events
The idea of the 'supply chain' shackles how we think about economic justice, so we should look for new metaphors
"Love and care are at the heart of our moral commitments, but they do not fit neatly into the social contract model of political community" -Alison Gopnik (Berkeley) on the ethics and politics of caregiving.
Plato, Philosophical Dungeon Master
Metamodernism is an aesthetic movement, a developmental stage, and a political ideology. Unlike postmodernism, it goes beyond critiques of mainstream power structures, and offers a vision for the future.
Edmund Gettier revolutionised Epistemology by challenging Plato’s definition of knowledge as justified true belief. Except that he didn’t. The story is a fabrication that strawmans Plato using a chain of logic found in Indian epistemology for over 1500 years.

Ask Philosophy

Askphilosophy Hub: Rules, Guidelines, FAQ, PhD Application Resources
/r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread | October 11, 2021
Are there any other schools of philosophy who base their ethics and politics off of their metaphysics, like the Stoics did?
How do I argue that slavery is objectively wrong
Why did people keep preaching about morality and the unity of God.
Any good Spanish/Hispanic philosophers?
What even is aesthetic realism?
What could be the implications of "there being no thing as a language"?
Isn't it strange that what is often described as the gist of Sartre's philosophy is directly taken from Heidegger?
Reading Hegel
A question about stoic morals
Physicalism and non spatial mind
What does Lewis mean by De Dicto and De Se?
What does Kierkagaard mean by this? Any general tips to understand him better?
Your Thoghts on Theory of Equivalent Exchange
Where to start with Nietzsche
A question regarding an argument
Can someone help me understand where the idea of Gaunilo's Island being incapable of perfection comes from?
When Bentham wrote his book on utilitarianism, was he aware of Kant's "Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals?"
Help me clear up epistemology
What does Kant mean by regulative ideas? How are they rational?
Why are there philosophers who spend so much time with philosophy but still give wrong results?
Do citizens have a political obligation or ethical reason to support political causes for which they themselves do not benefit from in some way?
Does the Principle of Sufficient Reason disprove indeterminism?
Phil of language / linguistics
Ethical for business owners to take so much shares/profits?
How exactly do moral responsibility and legal responsibility relate to each other?


Hey Rustaceans! Got an easy question? Ask here (41/2021)!
This Week in Rust #412
Sometimes clippy lints amaze me.
Rust Option 30x more efficient to return than Java Optional
Sodiumoxide has been deprecated
How would you implement a Queue without Vec as a base?
New To Rust. How do I write tests?
[Rust Working Group] Rust for Visual Effects - Anders Langlands, Owen Nelson, Luke Titley
epick 0.5.0 release - Create harmonic color palettes with ease! Multiplatform color picker with support for web using egui
"Use of moved value" Error
Can you use path to a module as declarative macro parameter?
Making slow Rust code fast
I just released my first crate! (It generates a random directory tree.) Please criticise my code (would especially love thoughts on my exit code strategy). :)
Are there plans for "the book" 2021 edition?
Linked List Remove Function
C/C++ before Rust ?
onetun: Cross-platform, user-space WireGuard port-forwarder
An Idea for Simplifying CLI Input
Production Rust: Build a GraphQL server (part 1)
Learn Wgpu updated to 0.11
kn 0.3 | cd faster with abbreviations
UnixString: a convenient FFI-friendly null-terminated byte string
Derive-visitor: a crate for deriving Visitor pattern
Databend will release proposal: Nightly v0.5
Compiler Error Driven Development
bhtsne 0.5.0, now 5.6x faster on a 4 core machine, plus a summary of my Rust journey (so far)
Announcing number-names 0.2.0: a small library to format integers with their cardinal & ordinal names